Welcome to Connestee Falls Pickleball Club!

Our courts have something to offer everyone!

Regardless of whether you’re picking up a paddle for the first time or you’re an experienced player, the Connestee Falls Pickleball Club is excited to welcome new faces into our community.

Mission Statement

The Connestee Falls Pickleball Club is dedicated to fostering the expansion and enthusiasm for pickleball through clinics, tournaments, social events and organized play. Our goal is to create a community that not only enjoys the competitive spirit of the game, but also revels in the fun and camaraderie that comes with it.

Since its opening in May 2012, in response to growing resident interest, our facility is even more popular today.

Featuring six dedicated, recently updated courts, the club now celebrates a thriving membership of over 400 pickleball players.

We provide:

  • Training sessions for both newcomers and experienced players
  • Open court availability for all skill levels
  • A reservation system for booking your own matches
  • A vibrant club atmosphere with more than 400 members
  • Frequent social gatherings and two annual tournaments, plus lots of round robins and other opportunities to play pickleball.


Connestee Falls Pickleball Club

Let’s Play!

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