Welcome to SPRING, Connestee Falls–

You know what that means…more favorable conditions to play our favorite sport. But with the change of weather comes a lot of spring rain. 

Never fear, we have the Vaptr to cure those wet court woes. If you don’t know what the Vaptr is, it’s a machine that will suck up 95% of the court’s wetness. It works that well–but remember, you need to be trained on the Vaptr before you can use it. 

Reach out to Tom Hunter to learn how to use it: hunteto@gmail.com

This issue, I’m encoring an article I wrote last year on drilling. This just must be in your arsenal if you’re serious about improving your game. 

And secondly, we’re talking about how to use a ball machine to also improve your game. A serious game changer (literally), ball machines help you get that muscle memory fast. 

Speaking of ball machines…have you met our newest member of the family, LOBZILLA? Lobzilla is our new Lobster ball machine that is shaking it up and getting everyone ready to play–if you’ve never used a ball machine to uplevel your game, you’re missing out! 

A special thanks to everyone who participated in naming our Lobster. Cynthia Lunceford won the contest with Lobzilla, plus a gift certificate to Quixote!

Enjoy this issue–and as always, reach out if you need anything!


A few times a week, you’ll see me and a number of other women, out on the courts, drilling. 


Because drilling is all about improving your skills, consistency and having a better overall performance when it’s game time.

I have literally fallen on my face learning new skills (I have the pics)–but it’s through drilling that I figured out how to actually stay upright and get the shot instead of faceplanting.

The more I drill, the better I play. The better I play with improved skills, the more I can figure out strategies and angles and more–that’s because drilling helps to automate your skills and give you muscle memory instead of a lesson on the pavement.

Here are 12 ways drilling can help you:

1. Improves Technique: Regular drilling helps in refining and perfecting your shots. This includes everything from forehand and backhand shots, serves, volleys, drops and dinking. Better technique leads to more consistent and effective shots and way less unforced errors.

2. Increases Consistency: Consistent drilling ingrains muscle memory. The more you practice a particular shot, the more automatic it becomes, leading to greater consistency during actual play. If you know, you know…it’s a great day when that starts to happen.

4. Improves Footwork and Mobility: Many drills focus on movement around the court, enhancing a player’s agility, balance, and footwork. Good footwork is crucial for getting into the right position to make great shots. Your split step should be part of your dynamic warm up before a game!

5. Develops Strategic Play: Drills can also focus on strategies such as shot placement, dinking, and lobbing. Practicing these strategies during your drilling can help you better implement them in games. It’s better to have practiced lobbing in a drill sesh than to try it in the middle of heated game!

6. Enhances Endurance and Speed: Drilling can improve your physical endurance and speed, essential for longer, more competitive matches–which you’ll be playing because as you drill, you get better and your games get longer and more fun.

7. Boosts Reaction Time: Drills that involve quick hands or a fast change in direction can enhance your reaction time–crucial if you end up in a battle at the net!

8. Promotes Mental Toughness: Regular drilling not only enhances physical skills but also mental aspects of the game. It teaches you to maintain focus, stay patient (and disciplined), and handle the pressure.

9. Allows for Specific Skill Focus: Drills can be tailored to target specific weaknesses in your game, allowing for focused and effective improvement. Shoutout to Deb for teaching me to lob correctly!

10. Facilitates Adaptability: By practicing a variety of shots and scenarios, you become more adaptable and able to handle different styles of play. This is especially important if you’re playing in All Play and are the lone woman on the court.

11. Encourages Controlled Practice Environment: Drills provide a controlled environment to practice and make mistakes without the pressure of a competitive match–ideal for trying new techniques and strategies.

12. Feedback and Adjustment: Lastly, drills provide an opportunity for immediate feedback and adjustments, which leads to quicker improvement and implementation (play a game after you drill!).

I hope you can see how important drilling is and how it can greatly improve your game. Figure out how to get out there and get it done. Watch some videos on how to do some of these drills or just ask–there’s a lot of experience here at Connestee!

Our epic new ball machine (The Lobster) arrived in March! 

She lives in the shed, eats balls like they’re going out of style and is ready for anything you want to lob at her (pun intended). 

Her mission? To help you become your best pickleballing self. 

No one teaches muscle memory faster–Lobzilla is here for it and I hope you are, too! 

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the ropes or an advanced player aiming to refine your skills, this is the one tool that stands out for its remarkable efficiency in boosting your abilities on the court. 

A Ball Machine for All

Lobzilla has the capability to simulate real-game situations and deliver balls with precise accuracy allowing players to focus on specific areas of improvement. Whether it’s working on your return of serve, your backhand, forehand drive, or even developing fast hands at the kitchen line, Lobzilla provides the programs you need to develop these skills fast.

Pre-loaded Drills and Fully Random Mode

One of the standout features of Lobzilla is its selection of pre-loaded drills. 

These drills are designed to target common areas of improvement, allowing players to focus their practice sessions on developing specific skills. From mastering your dinks to improving your serve accuracy, these drills provide a structured path to improvement, helping you to feel more confident in your game.

Additionally, the fully random mode is a game-changer for players looking to simulate the unpredictability of real matches. By throwing balls throughout the entire court in a random pattern, players are forced to stay on their toes in anticipation and figuring out their shot selection under pressure. 

This mode is particularly beneficial for intermediate to advanced players, but can be used by all.

The Fast Track to Improvement

The repetitive nature of practice with Lobzilla is the muscle memory it instills, ensuring that players react more instinctively during actual games and less reactively. 

This repetition, combined with the ability to focus on specific skills, accelerates the learning curve dramatically. 

The first week I started playing pickleball, my husband took me out onto the courts to learn how to return a serve correctly with the ball machine (the old one). It opened my eyes to what is possible by working with a ball machine to get an important shot down.

Whether it’s improving shot accuracy, increasing speed and agility, or developing strategic shot selection, Lobzilla offers a comprehensive tool for fast-tracking your pickleball game improvement.

Join our Lobzilla membership today–it’s only $30 for the rest of the year and you can charge it to your Connestee account! Contact Debbie Dove at debdove@gmail.com

That’s all for this issue–see you on the courts!

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