Our official, Connestee Falls Pickleball Newsletter! 

I’m your editor, Leanne Ely and I’d like to welcome you, along with the rest of the pickleball committee, to this first edition. 

Did you see the big headline on the news this past week?

Insurers Are Set To Pay Out $400 Million in Pickleball Injuries 

Yes it’s true. 

Pickleballers can get injured and it can be serious–and expensive for insurance companies.

That’s the report anyway. That’s the lowdown on how pickleball, the most popular sport in America, is “crippling” baby boomers and how those of us over a “certain age”, should all be hanging up our paddles. 

And that, my friends, is a garbage news story.

It’s nothing more than clickbait, a one sided story meant to horrify you and get you to click on their ads and links on the page of the story. There’s money in those clicks so a catchy headline is everything.

But this story is massively incomplete. They don’t bring the other side in to give you the whole picture of what pickleball can do for you!

Like dropping a few pounds from regular play maybe? Or improving your resting heart rate? Maybe eating healthier to help your energy levels stay up for your games? Sleeping better, feeling happier, perhaps a new sense of self?

I can go on and on about the benefits…and I’ve personally lived many of them. I’ve lost and kept off 30 pounds since I started playing a year ago, my resting heart rate is that of an athlete (62) and all the boxes are checked: strong bones, good cholesterol, normal blood pressure. 

Not to mention better self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment and athleticism.

And for all of that, I say thank you pickleball. 

I bet you can relate! 

So if you’re brand new to the game and are now running scared because of this lopsided news story, hold on just a second before you retreat to the couch and start binge watching NetFlix or think the only thing that’s left is an easy game of bocce ball (no offense bocce players!).

There’s a lesson here if you start asking questions. WHY are all these people getting injured? 

It’s simple. 

In all likelihood, they’re not warmed up, they’re wearing the wrong shoes or using improper technique. These are the top reasons why people get injured playing pickleball!

And in this first edition of Pickle On, we’ll share strategies to overcome all of this. 

First off, it’s crucial to become your body’s own best advocate and learn the basics of warming up pre game. And I’m not talking about that 3 minutes of dinking you do before you start your game.

It’s essential you PRIME your body for movement with dynamic stretching

There’s a ton of lateral movement in pickleball and if you go out onto the courts cold, you could end up injured, especially first thing in the morning when you’re not warmed up at all from any kind of movement.

Post pickleball, bring out the static stretching. 

What’s the difference between dynamic and static stretching? 

Watch CJ Johnson’s excellent video explaining her dynamic 5 minute stretching routine that will make a huge difference in your game and help you stay injury free: 

Pickleball Warm Up Exercises – 5 Minutes To Better Pickleball

And may I make one more point? 

BE THERE early for this month’s Pickleball Social. Starting at 3:30, we will have a PT expert sharing with us exactly how to get primed to play our best– injury free. 

Remember, that’s Wednesday, July 19th at 3:30 at the courts. 


Speaking of improper equipment…got court shoes?

I sure hope so! 

Court shoes protect you, protect the courts and keep you in an upright position so you can play the game and not get injured. 

The lateral movement in pickleball means your shoes must be for the COURT, not for other sports like running, walking, hiking or cross training. 

So leave the Hoka’s at home and get yourself some court shoes with excellent lateral support (let’s keep those ankles from getting broken!). 

And don’t forget–if you play a lot, then expect them to wear out. You may need a new pair every few months or so, watch the tread on the bottom and replace your shoes as necessary.

There’s a lot of excellent shoes to choose from–find a pair that feels great, wears well and fits your budget. 

Need Some Lessons?

Improper technique was another reason people got injured playing pickleball. 

Our certified pickleball instructor, Deb Richter can help fix that! She is offering her Skills and Drills class on Thursdays, 8 AM (for 2.0 to 3.0) and 9 AM (for 3.5+). Buy a punch card for $20 (for 4 lessons) and you’re set! A GREAT deal and you’ll learn a TON! 

Email Deb for more information: sacredspace2003@yahoo.com 

Let’s Connect!!

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Courtesy Is Calling!
After you’ve used the social area, please put the tables back to their normal position, put the chairs all around and if it’s later in the day, put the umbrellas down and secure them. 

Don’t forget to dispose of your trash and take home your recyclables. We have a trash can right there by court 4. 

That’s it for the first edition–but stay tuned! We have an EPIC announcement coming that you won’t want to miss!


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